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The DuQuoin Chiropractic Center opened in November of 1999. I utilize Diversified Chiropractic adjusting and also use electric muscle stimulation and ultrasound. We treat a wide variety of problems, like the obvious, low back and neck pain. However, I have great success with many cases you would not typically think of going to a Chiropractor for. Including carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder, ankle, and knee injuries, as well as my personal favorite, headaches.

I want my patients to get better as fast as possible and with as few treatments as possible. I have now been in practice here for over five years and have one of the best jobs in the world. I truly care about my patients and see to it they always get the best care possible, whether it be from me or another healthcare professional. No matter what your problem give me a call and I can steer you in the right direction. Thanks, Dr. Eaton.

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Dr. Robert Eaton
31 S. Mulberry St.
DuQuoin, IL 62832
Phone: (618) 542-6680