NEW - Dedicated Cross Training

We recently added a dedicated cross training room with daily posted workouts. More information coming soon!

Aerobic Area

Membership at the DuQuoin Recreation Center also includes unlimited access to our aerobics classes. We currently offer Zumba, Indoor Cycling, BodyBlast and Yoga classes. These classes are very fun and popular thanks to our great instructors, Kristie Kuhnert and Kelley Fiorini.

Click here for the full class schedule. Class times are subject to change and we keep them posted in the center.

Basketball Court

We have a full basketball court. When you look at the facility from outside it doesn't seem big enough, but trust me it is. Our basketball floor is about the size of an average junior high court. There is also an adjustable goal which can be moved from 7 1/2 feet up to 10 feet, so parents can play with the younger children. We have competitive adult mens basketball games several times throughout the week, as well as less competitive games.

Good sportsmanship here is absolute. We don't give warnings everyone who plays has fun and a good attitude or they don't play. So you don't have to worry about that one guy who ruins it for everyone. I would like to thank all of our current members who have been playing. I have never had this much fun before playing basketball and I sincerely appreciate everyone's great attitude.

Circuit Training

We have put together a 21 station circuit training program, consisting of easy to use nautilus equipment which takes about 25 minutes to complete. This program was specifically designed for optimum full body toning and weight loss. We demonstrate proper technique on the equipment several times a week and can set up appointments for those who cannot make it to the scheduled times.

I am amazed at the number of people in the area who have been doing circuit training improperly. In most cases people try very hard to lose weight and have unfortunately not been using their time properly. It is common knowledge to anyone who knows anything about muscle physiology you should never circuit train 2 days in a row. This is only one of the things we educate our members on. We care about our members and want them to get results.


We have added 11 new cardio machines this past year.

Our Cardiovascular section is absolutely the most impressive I have ever seen. We have an unmatched variety of cardio equipment, at this time there are 9 treadmills, 4 stationary bikes, 3 ellipticals, 2 gazelles, 1 stairclimber, 1 rowing machine, and the brand new treadclimber by Nautilus. The industry standard today for cardio entertainment is Cardiotheatre, meaning there are usually 2 or 3 televisions situated in front of all the cardio equipment.

I looked into this when designing the facility and thought it was simply inadequate. If there are more than 2 people in the cardio room members are not always able to watch what they want. So we did something I have never seen before, we put a television on every single machine. We currently have 21 cardio machines all with their own television and fan. Cable is available on every television as well as built in VCR'S so members can watch their favorite shows or movies on tape while working out.

Free Weight Room

Our free weight room alone is over 1,100 square foot which is nearly as big as many entire gyms. We have four bench press stations, three lat machines, a squat cage, a nautilus squat machine, nautilus leg ext., and leg curl, dip and chin-up bars, triceps french press (my personal favorite), leverage military press machine, dumbbells 5 lbs through 100lbs, preacher curl bench, cable crossover, and a smith machine. We have absolutely every machine needed for muscle building. This is the most extensive free weight room I have ever been in.

For several years I have been buying equipment when I found something I like, so there are three or four machines which are somewhat unique. The huge variety of equipment is great for building muscle, because variety is key. Muscles will respond much better to different types of lifting instead of doing the same thing every week. I have also posted an eight week lifting program which everyone, who has managed to do it, has great results with.

Running / Walking Track

We have an 18 lap mile running/walking track which is elevated and circles the entire facility. It overlooks the basketball court and is one of our most popular activities. For those of you who like to run or walk, weather in this area, is always a factor, whether it be to cold, rainy, or to hot. Many of you also have probably had some low back or foot pain from walking on concrete. So, we covered the entire track and most of the facility with a soft rubber flooring which has worked unbelievably well. Most members say they have never walked on such a comfortable surface.

Children's Area

There are two children's areas in the facility. Both have televisions with cable, VCR'S, and DVD players. The children's rooms have surveillance cameras on them with a display above the rooms for members to monitor their children. These areas are strictly enforced and for watching television or doing homework only. Children must be at least 4 years old to be in the facility. No rough housing is permitted and parents are to monitor their children at all times. Children are allowed to use the basketball court and to walk the track when accompanied by their parent. So members can help their kids stay in shape. Absolutely no children under 13 are allowed on any equipment.

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Class Schedules

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